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The Road Less Traveled

Ganathipan is a versatile and creative instrumentalist, having had a guitar in his hand from the age of 5. By 17, he had completed A.Mus.A in both classical guitar and piano. Performing with James Morrison at a school concert inspired  Ganathipan to dabble in other related instruments such as the bass guitar, drums and trombone. His curiosity to enhance his own sonic hasn't stopped to this day.

Moving to Sydney allowed Ganathipan to further embrace other cultures' music via university and college life. His involvement in Robert Menzies College was to earn him the privilege of having an award named after him, 'The Gana Aruneswaran Award' for Excellence in Creative Arts. Ganathipan became inspired to combine his learnings from the Indian and Western worlds of music into eclectic instrumentals. 

Whilst refining his craft of composing and performing, he met Audius Mtwariria, an accomplished producer and artist, in 2017. After listening to 'Mandolin Madness', Audius encouraged him to create a larger portfolio of instrumental music. This resulted in a release of 'Ganathipan', his self-titled first album in 2019. The album launch at Riverside Theatre at Parramatta was a success, a pivotal part of Ganathipan pursing multicultural music creation.

In the year that was 2020, meditative and ambient music has become a more prominent part of people's lives. With an ambition to challenge Ganathipan's sound once again, a new album, 'Stillness', was born. More synergic cross-cultural influences reveal his unique style of calming the listener in the uncertainty present within this time. 

COVID did not stop Ganathipan to bring his musical universe to life on the stage with a talented set of musicians and dancers in his unique performance style. "The World Experience" was showcased at the Bryan Brown Theatre on the 13th February 2021, sold-out and concluded with a standing ovation.

His 2022 release, 'Dance, Dance, Dance', allowed musical synergies to be discovered through exploring rhythmic movement embedded in various cultures. Bossa-Nova, Irish Jigs, Macedonian Traditional and Indian weddings are some contexts Ganathipan touches upon with an acoustic flavour omnipresent in the album's authenticity. 

2022 saw a collaboration with Diverse Women in Law (DWL), advocating for cultural acceptance and empathy in the legal profession. Ganathipan performed for the Governor of NSW, Margaret Beazley and Her Honour Justice Dina Yehia SC for their inaugural cultural event. This collaboration continues in 2023. Additionally, in 2023, Ganathipan was also featured in Bondi Beach's 'Festival of the Winds' to beautiful weather and a beautiful audience.

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